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Offer VitaBar in Your Store

We've created a variety of natural-tasting, non-addictive formulas to help you make the switch.   

Are you interested in offering VitaBar products at your shop, studio or anywhere else?

We are seeking all entrepreneurs, retail store owners, e-commerce gurus, independent sales representatives or resellers passionate about alternative nutritional devices!

Help us spread the word and add a profitable revenue stream to your business.

Possible retail locations include:
Vitamin Shops
Yoga Studios
Massage Therapy Studios & Spas
Alternative Healthcare Facilities 

Interested in offering VitaBar in your store? To request information about becoming an authorized retailer, simply complete the form below to send us a message. Thank you!

Better ingredients, better habits 

With a variety of options for a range of your daily needs, we hope you'll find the VitaBar collection to be a welcome addition to your routine. Let VitaBar be your go-to way to chill out, perk up, and revitalize your day.

SOOTHE for Sleep


Let VitaBar help